Poor brides in Eretz Yisroel are waiting to get married just like you! But their road to the Chupah is full of financial duress. Following a childhood of poverty, these impoverished families have no way of building their new home.

Rebbe Meir Baal Hanes Charities came up with a simple wedding plan that can limit the wedding costs to only $3,000 a side. For $6,000 a poor bride and groom can get married joyously.

Looking for a Shidduch? The Zechus of helping another couple build their Bayis Neeman B’Yisroel will surely help you get there soon!

Getting married? Sponsor another couple’s wedding as a Zechus for your own marriage!

If you would like to hear more details about the specific couple who’s wedding you will sponsor, including their wedding date, or if you have any other questions about this program, please contact us.

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