about_03For over 200 years since days of old, the name Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes, the holy Rabbi Meir of the Talmud, has been directly associated with bringing assistance to the needy families in Israel. Indeed, over the generations, Jewish men, women, and children in Israel have been fed, clothed, and supported directly by RMBH Charities. For those who support this charity; Rabbi Meir, known as Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes because of the amazing miracles that he performed, pledged to be their advocate in heaven, guaranteeing personal intervention on behalf of their welfare and personal success. This pledge, and the extraordinary work of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes Charities (RMBH), still resounds for Jewish people around the world. It remains a beacon of hope and support for needy families, Torah scholars, widows, orphans, as well as the ill and infirm in Israel.


about_07There was a time when the monies from this charity sustained those spiritual pioneers occupying remote Jewish settlements in the Holy Land. Today, it continues to support poor Jewish families across the length and breadth of Israel well over six hundred Torah scholars in ten different Advanced Torah Academies across the country. Countless recipients of this support are today, prominent Torah leaders. Our alumni have authored over one hundred major Torah publications.
For generations, the collection of money for Jews in Israel in the name of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes was an obligation deeply felt by all Jews, wherever they resided. Throughout Europe, for example, it was the tradition in every Jewish home to keep small boxes, called ‘pushkas’, for the express purpose of setting aside funds for needy Jews in Israel. In unison, their hearts burned with one goal in mind: to support pious Jewish people living on Israel’s sacred soil.


about_11RMBH Charities was established in 1799 to formalize the collection and distribution of these funds. Under the leadership of the sages of the Kosov Viznitz dynasty, RMBH Charities has flourished despite the harrowing trials of the last two centuries. By providing ilies, scholars, and individuals in need in Israel, donors know they will receive immense reward. Indeed, almost daily, the offices of RMBH Charities receive letter after letter attesting to the great merit of this mitzvah and its great reward. Each details miraculous instances of heavenly intervention that have followed a contribution in the name of Rabbi Meir. Success in business, lost items returned, illness reversed, and so much more.