Rebbe Meir Baal Hanes Charities has set up an Emergency War Fund to help our brothers on the front lines

Share in the Bar
Mitzvah of a family
member or friend

Send a meaningful gift to a
charitable cause.

Help our soldiers and brothers in Israel during this time of terror

Your donation will enable us to support fellow Jews on the battlefield.

נחמה - comfort


חי -live


ישועה - salvation


עם ישראל חי - Nation of Israel live forever


חי וקיים


חי וקיים לנצח נצחים


Preparing warm meals

Since schools are closed now, we converted school kitchens into makeshift headquarters. We cook and send out warm meal packages to displaced families and Shiva houses.

Distributing food for the IDF

Thousands of soldiers and reservists are on the frontlines. We visit army bases and supply food, entertainment and words of encouragement so that they can continue to fight for us.

Uplifting the spirits with unity

We visit temporary shelters and badly-hit communities. With song and dance, Emunah and Achdus, we give the courage to go on despite the pain

Visiting the sick in Hospitals across Israel

Our volunteers spread out amongst all of Israel’s major hospitals to uplift the spirits of the wounded and their families. We sing and dance with them before and during Shabbos, distribute toys to the children, and special gifts to the adults.

Letters of comfort from across the globe

Jews around the globe are coming together and sending warm and comforting letters to the soldiers at the front, the injured of war and the broken families whos’ spirits are lifted when they feel the love of another Jew! You too can send them some comforting words by sending an email to: